Unisource Components

Electronics Manufacturing Services

Wire Harness

Harness manufacturing is a niche service that many ECM companies shy away from. We seek these opportunities. From a one off to usages in the thousands, a simple two point harness to up into the hundreds, harness manufacturing is a hands on business needing competent and trained harness technicians. We start by stripping down the harness into the most economical “manufacture able” subassemblies so that we can take advantage of economies of scale as much as possible up to the point of final assembly. At final assembly, we utilize custom jigs and boards to assure consistency in builds. Finally, each harness is 100% tested with our custom test fixtures integrated into automated testing equipment. Harnesses are then packaged and as required, labeled with UL traceability marks.

Cable Assemblies

Long a core piece of our business, today we have over 1500 active cable assemblies built in quantities from 1 to over 7,500. The key to our success in meeting the broad needs of these unique assemblies is that each and every assembly, no matter how small or volume built, has a custom set of build instructions written for it. The instructions are a dynamic document that receives continual input from assemblers and quality inspectors alike to refine the build process to gain best practice. Harnesses are then packaged and as required, labeled with UL traceability marks.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

20+ years of circuit board assembly has given us the vast knowledge of the many board needs of customers. Be it thru-hole, SMT or mixed technology, we have carved out a niche in the high mix/low volume arena (under 10,000 units) utilizing complete Rohs compliant lead free assembly along with traditional assembly lines.

Circuit board assembly is an art both in the actual assembly but also the supply chain of the components. Critical to assembly is assuring parts availability even on the most senior of board designs. Our buyers know where to find the “tough to find” obsolete parts and are integral in building a supply chain plan to meet the specific board need.

Prototype/Quick Turn Cell

When in design, customers often ask us for assistance in developing cables or harnesses for their prototype units, needing in some cases a test cable in 24 hours to prove out their prototypes. As a response to this, we created a dedicated cell to provide quick turn assemblies and one off assembly. This cell, with dedicated personnel, has full build authority, including purchasing discretion that aids in the streamlining of the prototype build. All the while, keeping our main production lines flowing free from the drop in need of this type of product.

Turnkey Electro/Mechanical Assembly

Complete upper level turnkey assembly offers customers the ability to single source assemblies that often are cumbersome to manage. Taking advantage of our harness, cable assembly and PCBA lines, we then integrate into upper level turnkey assemblies. From simple alarm assemblies to user interface panels, to complete electro/mechanical assemblies, Unisource has demonstrated experience in all types of assemblies. FMH, our parent company, is an Ul 508a panel shop capable of design build panels of all types.